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MBA Group demonstrates further growth and innovation by launching DOTS

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

MBA Group is proud to announce the launch of its latest communications division, DOTS, a digital contact centre with a difference.

In late 2017, MBA’s senior executives had a vision – to further support the management of our clients’ customer communications by not just facilitating outbound communications with print and digital solutions, but also support and streamline the inbound customer demand that great campaigns naturally generate.

MBA Group’s holistic offering now enables clients to conduct end-to-end campaigns through a single source and further reduce the need to manage disparate supply chains.

DOTS (which stands for Digital Operations Transformation Services) seeks to achieve a common goal with its clients by reducing the inbound customer demand that great brands and outbound activities create. They do this by digitising the conversation, using a wide variety of digital solutions to reduce customer effort, maximise service agent productivity and improve business efficiencies. This strategy enables clients to reduce costs while improving Net Promotor Scores (NPS) and maximising sales opportunities.

Driving as much contact as possible through digital channels such as web messaging, SMS and social media frees up valuable time for our advisors to handle more complex enquiries over the traditional voice channel. By embracing the right technology for the right business case, DOTS can provide the best customer experience and quantifiable analytics from voice interactions.

As our new Director of Digital Services & Business Development at DOTS, explains “The exponential growth of digital technology is constantly transforming the world we live in and keeping up with customer expectations is becoming increasingly challenging".

Most BPO’s are constrained by legacy business models that are, in truth, still focused on the number of call agents needed to service a client’s customer contact strategy. Likewise, most digital disrupters in the marketplace are concentrated on digital only solutions without catering for individuals that still want or need voice interactions".

DOTS’ position in the marketplace is unique as we first and foremost, focus on the customer experience by using the right digital channels for the right purposes and use best-in-breed technologies to provide meaningful insights from voice.

Head of Digital Contact Centre Solutions at DOTS, Ross Lane continued “Customers don’t do channels, they do contact! By this I mean most customers are not highly conscious about the many different channels they use in the digital age. Yes, some customers are knowledgeable about common preferences such as how they like to receive marketing by either mail, email, telephone and SMS but there are hundreds of other digital touchpoints out there such as your website, web forms, FAQ’s, web messaging, your App, chat bots and social media like Facebook, QQ and Twitter…

Customers now demand brand engagement via an array of platforms but it’s not always realistic for companies to facilitate every single one. That’s where we come in. We devise solutions that route inbound enquiries down the most appropriate channels for your business depending on your customer base and use case. We use technology and NPS to qualify these methods and continuously look into ways of streamlining your operation. At the heart of it all is our great team of professional agents who are trained to provide the best customer experience imaginable and help customers feel connected to brands.

MBA Group Chairman, Bachar Aintaoui concluded “We are committed to bringing our industry insight, best practice and thought leadership to help enhance our clients’ customer contact strategies. We are doing this by continuing to build full end-to-end solutions and we look forward to working in partnership with our clients and prospects to help facilitate more integrated customer communications.

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